Let’s Talk About: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

So you keep hearing little bits and pieces about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.  I mean, what is it, exactly?

From April 25, 2014, to May 4, 2014 is officially Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW).  OK, so that’s a little longer than a week, but we’re talking about beer here, so the longer the better.  Plus, “Pittsburgh Craft Beer 10-Day Period” was voted down by the committee.

During PCBW, different bars, breweries, beer stores, etc., offer special events such as tastings, rare beer offerings, special brews, etc.  I’ll post info about as many of these as I can.  But do know it will be a big beer week in the Burgh, so keep your eye out for special events at your local bars, stores, etc. as well.  Found a great one you want me to know about?  Feel free to email/Facebook/Twitter me.  There’s also a great calendar of events happening.  More on that later.

The organization that created and runs PCBW also has a couple of big events.  The Beer Barge event is on Friday April 25, 7 – 10pm.  It’s actually two barges down in Station Square, both loaded with great craft beer.  Plus, drinking on a boat is just awesome.  The other event is Pittsburgh Real Ale Festival on Saturday May 3, 1 – 5pm at Highmark Stadium.   “Real ale” is beer that is unpasteurized and unfiltered (you may know it as cask ale or firkin ale) and it’s gaining momentum here in the Burgh.  For both of these events, you may want to consider buying tickets in advance as it’s quite possible both will sell out.

Another great link is the PCBW calendar.  Here, you can click on each day of PCBW and see the special events occurring.  TONS of our local bars, breweries, shops, restaurants, etc., are participating with special events, so prepare to be awed.


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