PCBW Events Selling Out Fast! Get Tickets While You Can.

So you know about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014. You know it’s starting this Friday (April 25).   You know everyone’s getting excited. You feel the anticipation in the air.

You went to the essential PCBW calendar and found the events that are for you. Hell, maybe you even made yourself an Evernote. You’re planning. You’re excited. But did you know that many of the PCBW events are already SOLD OUT? That’s right. This whole PCBW thing, it’s a big deal in these parts, folks. And other people are planning too.

Even some of the big festival-type events are sold out. If they’re not, trust me, they are selling out fast. Here’s just a partial list of PCBW events that are already SOLD OUT:

  • The Beer Barge (I know!! But this event sold out in 4 minutes flat. Seriously.)
  • Fat Head’s Beer Dinner (Apr. 29)
  • House of 1000 Beers – The Sour and the Funky event
  • PA Brew Tours Ultimate Brew Loop – 1st pickup site sold out (Penn Brewery).

Did you just read this and feel your heart break when you saw your #1 event on the “sold out” list? What can you do? Some of these events have what we’ll call a nice alternative event available. PA Brew Tours has a second pickup location that is currently still available. House of 1000 Beers has a sour (single beer) tasting just before their Sour and Funky event starts. The Beer Barge… oh man, you missed the Beer Barge.

Another idea is to check out the calendar for other more local events near you. Many bars and restaurants that aren’t usually big craft beer players are getting in on the action by offering beer events. Also, check in with either the calendar or your favorite local neighborhood craft beer place. A lot of them are hosting their own great tasting events, tap takeovers, etc. Some of the tap takeovers I’ve seen are going to be from some amazing breweries.

The moral of the story is, if there is a PCBW event that you really want to hit that requires tickets, I’d highly recommend you buy them soon. If you’re going to hit up some free events, I’d go in the early part of their advertised time frame, especially if it’s a rare tasting or something similar that has a limited quantity. It’s going to be a big week.

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