PCBW Review – Allegheny 6 Pack & Doghouse Finch’s Beer Homemade Chili Pairing

To start off Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014, we headed over to Allegheny 6 Pack & Doghouse in Cheswick. They were having a homemade chili and Finch’s Beer pairing event. Supporting local establishments that really go all-out for PCBW is one of the best parts of the week to me. I love the extra energy that’s in the air right in our local Pittsburgh neighborhoods.
The owner of Allegheny 6 Pack is an avid hunter so some of the chilies were made from the fruit of his hunts. Chili varieties included beef chili, turkey chili, venison chili, and BEAR chili! For an added touch, he cooked each with one of the Finch’s beers. It was very well thought out.
Finch’s Beer is out of Chicago but is relatively new to the Pittsburgh area, so they’re trying to gain some traction.  We tried the Secret Stache Stout, which gets a 98 at RateBeer.  Also available was their Threadless IPA, which won gold at the World Beer Expo 2013. The favorite of the day was their Facist Pig, a big red ale. Finch’s and Allegheny 6 Pack were offering a free bomber of Finch’s Awesome Cabeza Mexican-style lager if you bought a 4-pack of their beer, and we all know beerPittsburgh does not turn down free beer (unless it’s BMC).
Overall, this was a great event. There was an awesome turnout with standing room only as the event progressed. It was great to see a full house at a local neighborhood bar. Thank you, PCBW!
Allegheny 6 Pack has more samplings scheduled throughout the week. As a side note, they also tapped a keg of GLBC Chillwave DIPA while we were there! Finch’s is also doing events all over the Burgh this week to continue their Steel City roll out.

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