Avery Tasting and Another Cellar Sale for GABF Week

Yesterday brought us a tasting from Avery Brewing. Although it was mainly their bottled core offerings (Hog Heaven, Salvation, and The Reverend), they are all still delicious, high quality brews. In addition, they had Old Jubilation, their Winter ale. A brewery rep from Avery was there, which was a nice touch for for this East Coaster.


Avery Tasting

Another day of GABF week, another cellar sale! I may have made some huge scores from Russian River, Avery, Goose Island, Crooked Stave, etc. There may have been some Pliney involved (OK, that one was not from the cellar!), perhaps some Consecration and maybe some Salvation.


Line Party at a Cellar Release








Our access to GABF starts tonight! The sessions run tonight (Thursday) night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. We have access to the first three, plus the medal ceremony on Saturday morning. The beer list for the Festival was released yesterday. We’re super-excited to represent Pittsburgh hard at the event. I think it’s time for us to get on the map in a serious way. I’ll be fully decked out with my beerPittsburgh shirts, some awesome Pittsburgh lanyards, earrings, etc., etc. Think Steelers game but in a beer festival-type of way. Here we go!