Upcoming Bottle Releases at Voodoo Homestead and East End Brewing

Voodoo Homestead

Starting today (Feb. 23) at 3pm, Voodoo will begin offering allotments of our Barrel Room Collection Release III at our Homestead location. Information here (their Facebook page).


Old Jive Turkey– 10% ABV – 22oz, $20- Limit 2- A traditional Old Ale aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels.

Bourmuda Triangle IPA– 10.1% ABV – 22oz $21- Limit 2- Imperial West Coast-style IPA 50% aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels, 25% in Caribbean Rum Barrels, 25% in Extra Anejo Tequila Barrels. Blended once removed from the barrels and double dry hopped with Apollo, Galaxy and Simcoe. Make no mistake about it, this is an IPA through and through, not just a hopped up barleywine. We’re working our hardest to bottle this as close to the release as humanly possible, so please, DO NOT AGE- DRINK FRESH!!

Taco Flavored Kisses– 11.2% ABV – 22oz $20- Limit 2- Wheatwine brewed with organic blue weber agave nectar and aged in Extra Anejo Tequila Barrels.

Blackbeard’s Delight– 12% ABV- 22oz $21- Limit 2- Imperial Brown Ale brewed with blackstrap molasses and aged in Caribbean Rum Barrels with locally roasted coffee, cocoa nibs, and Madagascar vanilla beans.


East End Brewing (Brewery Only):

This one is for the sour lovers out there. Saturday, March 7, 12 – 5pm. Info here (their website).


You may have heard about this one, as we had it in draft form at theGOOD WOOD Fest, and at Weird Beer Night. Or not. We’ve been describing it as “A wine barrel aged sour brown ale”, but you can get the full backstory on it here if you like, including the part about where the name came from. You may have even seen some on tap at the brewery lately too – in fact, we’ve got a keg of it on tap right now (2/23/15) if you’d like to stop in a Growler or a pint.  But this release is for the bottled form of this beer.


A little over a year ago, we took an entire batch of Illustration Ale and transferred it to wine barrels, dosed them with a Brettanomyces culture, and parked them under our chalkboard in our tap room. You may have leaned on these same barrels while perusing the draft list. Doing this was a pretty sketchy prospect from the start, especially given the nature of everything involved. But the culture eventually took hold in each barrel (the photo on the top of the Weird Beer Nightpage is actually the view into one of these barrels), and it added another layer of flavor complexity to an already complex beer. Wine like, with a light tartness and some spice, dry finish.


It’s our flagship BigHop that was fermented 100% with Brettanomyces. It also picked up a bit of lacto-tartness along the way, as it too spent a bit of time in wine barrels. The result is a roller coaster of flavors: fruity, tart, bitter, and sweet with a dry finish of grapefruit pith. There’s really a lot going on in this beer, and we’re VERY pleased with the results. Which is great, because with a devoted open fermenter, we can definitely brew it again someday.