American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Big Brew Day Review – May 2, 2015

Several years ago, May 7 was announced before the U.S. Congress as National Homebrew Day. Each year, the AHA celebrates the day by announcing a Big Brew Day. All over the nation, homebrew clubs gather their members and, well, brew! Pittsburgh’s two large homebrew clubs, TRASH and TRUB, joined together to do Big Brew Day Pittsburgh-style. The event was hosted by the MoreBeer Distribution Center in Ambridge. MoreBeer recently opened this distribution center, which is their second location (the original one is in California), in order to have quicker delivery to the East Coast. What it meant for Pittsburgh homebrewers, however, is that many of their homebrewing supplies could be delivered from MoreBeer the day after they ordered! MoreBeer setting up this huge distribution center in Pittsburgh was a great boon for the beer lovers in this city. All the homebrewers at this event were very glad to have MoreBeer right here in our hometown.

MoreBeer provided water from their taps for the homebrewers, who brought giant kegs and kettles and got to work. Folks were brewing out of the back of pick-up trucks and under canopies that they set up in the MoreBeer parking lot. It turned out to be a great day as the club members shared their own homebrews and some commercial beers as well.


Homebrewers doing magic




Brewing out of the back of a pick-up truck. Pittsburgh-style!

MoreBeer also offered a tour of their distribution center. To my Pittsburgh homebrewers out there reading this, let me tell you, they take good care of their product there. Check out the photos of the HUGE line of glass-fronted coolers where they keep their yeast and hops. Each bin was marked with an expiration date, and when that date comes, they throw it out. There was no old or expired stuff coming out of this facility. They also have a great method of boxing up items such that their supply is always fresh (it’s a first-in, first out (FIFO) distribution system in case anyone else signed up for that economics class in college).


Coolers of yeast and hops at MoreBeer in Ambridge


TRASH and TRUB members on the MoreBeer tour

This turned out to be a great event. The homebrewers, as always, are friendly, laid-back, and love to give you beer to drink. Which I accepted. Tough gig.