Pittsburgh Real Ale Festival – Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ok, do yinz remember the thing with the Real Ale Fest? They were gonna do it, it’s an awesome idea, then it got cancelled, all that? No? Ok, me neither. Let’s just go get some real ale already cuz it’s on like Donkey Kong.


2015 REAL ALE FESTIVAL by Piper’s Pub


6PM – 10PM



Price will include 35 real ales (with a nice brewery list), food from Piper’s Pub (who fought long & hard to bring us this fest!), soccer matches with the Pub’s soccer team, shirt screening from Commonwealth Press, and local DJ spinning.

Oh wait, did someone ask what real ale is? OK, let’s do this. Have you ever had cask ale or a beer that was on cask? That was real ale. Technically, the final fermentation is done in the cask. So the beer kinda finishes up in the cask and also naturally carbonates (so no pumped-in carbonation here). The beer is served from that same cask in which it fermented and carbonated. It was also never filtered and never refrigerated like many beers are. Because of this, real ale can have many unique flavor and texture nuances that can’t be found in other commercial beers. (How totally Wikipedia did that sound?!)

$50 General Admission

Tickets available for purchase at Piper’s Pub (1828 East Carson St.)

or via Ticketmaster