Short’s Brewing Co. has Arrived in Pittsburgh!

Short's Booth at GABF 2015

Short’s Booth at GABF 2015

Good news Pittsburgh beer hounds: Short’s Brewing Co. is coming to Pittsburgh!

Short’s Brewing is an awesome operation out of Michigan. For many years (well, as long as I’ve known of them, really), they ONLY distributed within the state of Michigan. Now, they’re expanding their boundaries a bit, and guess who’s in line? WE ARE.

Short’s officially begins distributing in Pittsburgh as of today!

If you haven’t had their beer, they’re known for doing crazy beer flavors and actually doing them well (no fake flavors). Some beers they were serving at GABF were Strawberry Short’s Cake (which actually tasted like the dessert – not just a beer with strawberries in it!), Pistachio Cream Ale, Bloody Beer (which tasted like a Bloody Mary cocktail – like exactly like one), and Key Lime Pie beer (which was tart just like you’d think).

They also always do a great job with their presentation. Their staff were wearing lederhosen at all times.

You’ll start to see their beers today at local distributors. There are also some great kickoff events this week:

  • Monday March 21 – Caliente’s Bloomfield – 4:30pm
  • Tuesday March 22 – Shadyside Beer – 5 – 7pm
  • Thursday March 24 – The Wexford Pub (Whole Foods Wexford) – 5 – 7pm