Pittsburgh Craft Beer Events All Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend starts the great deals in our stores, and the great times with our families and friends. And all of this makes us want to DRINK!

Here are the special events so far for this holiday weekend. We will keep updating this post as we learn of more events. Bars/Restaurants/Breweries, please feel free to email (or message via Twitter or Facebook) your events for this weekend and we’ll post there here.


Hitchhiker Brewing: Stop in today 2-11pm and get your growlers filled for T-day & receive a FREE pint glass with each growler fill.

Caliente Pizza (Bloomfield): Special tapping of Thirsty Dog – 5 Barrel-aged Beers and a Barrel-aged Firkin – Wulver, Siberian Night, 12 Dogs of Christmas, Cerberus, Chardonnay-aged Saison – Firkin of Wulver with Habaneros, 7pm

Hop Farm Brewing: Tapping of Cranberry Sauce (the ale)


Thursday (Thanksgiving)

Caliente Pizza (Bloomfield): Special tapping of Free Will’s Black Friday



Caliente Pizza (Bloomfield): Great Lake Brewing Special tapping – Barrel-aged Black Out Stout plus others

House of 1000 Beers: Giving away Goose Island glasses with any GI draft, & tapping Bourbon County Brand Stout at 6pm; Tapped Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

East End Brewing: Releasing Black Hop Black IPA

Hitchhiker Brewing: 2pm tapping of My Cousin Eddie holiday ale; Free pint glass with growler fill

Hough’s: Our Goose Island kick off begins tonight with the tapping of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout at 6pm, $10 select 32oz can fills to go of Goose Island drafts, enter to win the cooler and get your very own Hough’s/ Goose Island stocking.



This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, an event in which many of our local breweries, bars, and restaurants are participating. If you have an American Express card, register it in advance, and you can receive $10 off a purchase of $10 or more at participating venues. You can do that up to three times this year!

Rare Beers Spotted! Cases of Venus, Avery’s Rumpkin and Pump[KY]n

Cases of Bell’s newest Planet Series beer, Venus: the Bringer of Peace, were spotted at Lohman’s Beer in Wexford.

Avery’s huge-hitting pumpkin beers, Rumpkin and the new-for-this-year Pump[KY]n (BBA pumpkin porter), were spotted in bottles at House of 1000 Beers in New Kensington. I hear a lot of Pittsburgh folks saying they never get to try these two Avery seasonals!

Cellar Sales as Part of GABF

As part of GABF, some local beer stores around Denver are opening their cellars. If there’s anything better than rarities, it’s cellar-aged rarities! It’s a great opportunity to get your hands on some nice aged bottles, especially from the Western breweries. There are some nice offerings from Russian River, Avery, Deschutes, Goose Island, Lost Abbey, Port, and more.

Some of my recent cellar buys

Some of my recent cellar buys

Interested in seeing a list? Here’s an example from a local beer store. Many props to them for posting their full list and prices prior to the sale! As you can see, the prices are all pretty fair too. I’ve been happily surprised to see minimal price gauging.

Let’s Talk About: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

So you keep hearing little bits and pieces about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.  I mean, what is it, exactly?

From April 25, 2014, to May 4, 2014 is officially Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW).  OK, so that’s a little longer than a week, but we’re talking about beer here, so the longer the better.  Plus, “Pittsburgh Craft Beer 10-Day Period” was voted down by the committee.

During PCBW, different bars, breweries, beer stores, etc., offer special events such as tastings, rare beer offerings, special brews, etc.  I’ll post info about as many of these as I can.  But do know it will be a big beer week in the Burgh, so keep your eye out for special events at your local bars, stores, etc. as well.  Found a great one you want me to know about?  Feel free to email/Facebook/Twitter me.  There’s also a great calendar of events happening.  More on that later.

The organization that created and runs PCBW also has a couple of big events.  The Beer Barge event is on Friday April 25, 7 – 10pm.  It’s actually two barges down in Station Square, both loaded with great craft beer.  Plus, drinking on a boat is just awesome.  The other event is Pittsburgh Real Ale Festival on Saturday May 3, 1 – 5pm at Highmark Stadium.   “Real ale” is beer that is unpasteurized and unfiltered (you may know it as cask ale or firkin ale) and it’s gaining momentum here in the Burgh.  For both of these events, you may want to consider buying tickets in advance as it’s quite possible both will sell out.

Another great link is the PCBW calendar.  Here, you can click on each day of PCBW and see the special events occurring.  TONS of our local bars, breweries, shops, restaurants, etc., are participating with special events, so prepare to be awed.