Pittsburgh Pirates + Beer Sampling! Pirates 2015 Beer Passport Tickets

If you love the Pirates and love beer, this news is for you! The Pirates are offering a Beer Passport. The passport includes:

  • A Game Ticket ¬†in the Pittsburgh Baseball Club section. You can choose rows A-C or D-K.
  • Beer Sampling – for 90 minutes prior to first pitch, located in Club 3000
  • $5 Credit loaded on your ticket that you can use toward food or drink concessions.

Available for the following games:

  • Thur. Aug. 20 vs. the Giants, 7:05pm ($70, $65)
  • Thur. Sept. 10 vs. the Brewers, 7:05pm ($70, $65)
  • Wed. Sept. 30 vs. the Cardinals, 7:05pm ($60, $55)

Click here for tickets


“Hopping Westward” Once Again!

I’m so freakin’ stinkin’ elated to announce that myself and the beerPittsburgh staff will again be representing the ‘Burgh at GABF this year! Get ready, Denver. We’re comin’.


Who else will be there?! Let me know if you’re going! Pittsburgh brewers, media, bar owners, etc., I take representing our fine city there very seriously. Is there anything I can do on the ground there to help you? Any swag you need grabbed? Any beers you need me to (sigh) taste on your behalf? Any medals you need me to pick up and fly back home when you win??

A few of my articles from last year:

“Hopping Westward,” Pittsburgh City Paper

GABF: Pittsburgh Style,” CraftPittsburgh Magazine

North Country Brewing Co. Rumor…

Speaking of North Country Brewing Co., there’s a rumor (that they started!) that they’ll be canning their pumpkin beer this Fall! If you’ve never had it, their pumpkin beer is a huge local favorite. For a while, it was only available for one night (their Halloween party). More recently, it’s been available for most of the Fall, but only at the brewpub. Here’s hoping!

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week! April 17 – 26, 2015

Here we go Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW) is at our heels again! This 10-day-long event (I know, I know, it’s just that Pittsburgh Craft Beer 10-Day Period was too awkward – plus why not extend the party?) runs April 17 – 26, 2015. Many (most?) local craft beer locales, such as bars, restaurants that serve craft, breweries, etc. plan great events for this week. Tappings of rare beers, tap takeovers, beer and food pairings, beer dinners, and all kinds of original events are already planned. Take a look at the PCBW calendar to get a good look at the events and to start planning your days.

Some event highlights:

  • Collaboration beers. Each year, many of our local Pittsburgh breweries get together and brew collaboration beers for PCBW. A full list of the brews will come soon.
  • The Commonwealth Press Beer Barge on Sat. April 18. This event sold out over a month ago. If you already have tickets, you know about it!
  • Blood, Sweat, & Beer Pittsburgh Premiere on Fri. April 17. This documentary features Brew Gentleman of Braddock as one of the breweries they followed through the start-up process. Brew Gentleman will be there for beer tastings starting at 6pm, screening at Row House Cinema at 7:30pm, and a Q&A afterward. Call for tickets, (412) 904-3225.

Stay tuned to beerPittsburgh.com for up-to-date event coverage!

Bars/breweries/restaurants, submit your events to the PCBW Calendar here.

THIS JUST IN: Beer Distributors in PA are Now Allowed to Sell 12-Packs!

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has ruled that beer distributors are now allowed to sell 12-packs. Previously, distributors in PA were only allowed to sell cases or kegs of beer or malt beverages. This quantity has remained on our law books since the post-Prohibition days, thus making this ruling significant as it’s the first major progress in changing the antiquated liquor laws here in PA.

The 12-packs must arrive from the brewery or manufacturer as 12-packs in order for distributors to sell them. In other words, distributors cannot take a case from a brewery and split it up on their own, selling it as 2 12-packs. This gives an edge to Pennsylvania-based breweries, as they will most likely deem it worthwhile to order new-sized boxes to hold 12-packs in order to be able to sell smaller quantities at distributors. A brewery in California or Colorado is less likely to create an entirely new packaging design just to sell in PA, unless we happened to be a huge market for them.

Props here to our Pittsburgh-area warriors such as Pistella Beer Distributors in Friendship and Save-Mor Beer in Squirrel Hill who sued the PLCB last year over a similar issue, pushing the PLCB to update their laws.

12-packs will allow beer drinkers to purchase a greater variety of beer without having to commit to the price of a full case, or paying the marked-up price of smaller quantities at bottle and 6-pack shops. This should also help small PA brewers in that more drinkers could sample their beer at a reasonable price. Ideally, I think it’d be great to see PA breweries offer a variety pack – 3 4-packs of 3 different beers – bundled into a 12-pack box.

Local Pittsburgh breweries, take advantage of being small and being able to adapt quickly to change. Please order up some new 12-pack-sized boxes and use this opportunity! Let’s get our awesome Pittsburgh breweries known all across the state!